Patient Reviews

“I felt very comfortable with Kimberly. I really do not like going
to the Doctor, but Kimberly took her time to make sure I was ok. Thank you
for having Saturday hours, it was great and even though I don’t like going
to the doctor’s office, Saturday wasn’t so bad, Thank you so much. ”

“Kimberly was extremely thorough in going through all of my recent
medical records from numerous specialists. She walked through a the
timeline of my health history and all the changes that I had in my
medications, tests and treatments. But most of all she listened…to every
question I had, every concern I expressed. I really felt that my care had
her full attention and priority.”

“I appreciate y’all accommodating my ever changing schedule by
finding an appointment time on short notice! From the first step in to the
last step out, your office is top notch all the way.”

“The staff are extremely helpful, everyone there seems to work
together as if they’re one big happy family, I love the rapport in the
office. The professionalism is extraordinary, the practitioners are
knowledgeable and very informative, I’ve been a patient for a few years and
I haven’t had one bad experience. Job well done CN Internal :)”

“I’ve been seeing these doctors for more than five years. they
always listen well, are responsive, compassionate and give excellent
medical care. Because of the medical conditions I am there somewhat
frequent. A few times when I was really upset, they remained calm and

“Dr. Nawab and Ki are excellent health care providers. They are
knowledgeable, attentive, and full of empathy. Their staff are friendly
and helpful as well. This is a friendly doctor’s office.”

“Dr. Nawab is a thorough, caring, and pleasant doctor to visit,
and the office makes use of digital technology for communicating with the
office and tracking important information.”