About Dr. Chotani

Board Certified Internal Medicine & Primary Care in Alexandria and Lansdowne, VA

Habib Chotani, MD
Habib Chotani, MD

Habib Chotani, MD, is a talented primary care physician at CN Internal Medicine in Alexandria and Lansdowne, Virginia. Board-certified in internal medicine, Dr. Chotani is particularly interested in preventive care and managing chronic medical conditions. 

Dr. Chotani is committed to improving patient care, preventing diseases, and promoting wellness. By decreasing the burden of illness in his patients, Dr. Chotani finds purpose. He often continues to see patients in the inpatient setting at INOVA Alexandria Hospital in Virginia to ensure continuity of care. 

He enjoys working with all groups of patients and currently sees patients 18 and above. He places a strong emphasis on evidence-based medicine. Dr. Chotani has been in various leadership roles, including Chair of the Department of Medicine at Western Maryland Health System in Cumberland, Maryland, member of the Medical Executive Committee at INOVA Alexandria Hospital, and Regional Medical Director and board member of Privia Medical Group Mid-Atlantic. 

Becoming a physician has been a goal of Dr. Chotani since childhood. As a teenager, he would spend days with his father at his primary care clinic and visit patients with his father during home visits. He saw the gratitude and respect his father received from patients, which motivated him to be a primary care doctor. 

He has been practicing primary care and internal medicine since 2001 with his best friend, wife, and partner, Dr. Sabahat Nawab.